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Our featured story from week 1!
Thank you to everyone who submitted your Yerkes story; it was difficult to select just one to feature. Here is one of the stories we would like to share this week, we hope you enjoy.

In the mid 1960's my mother, Doris Blizard, was hired as a darkroom technician at Yerkes. She worked under the direction of Joseph Tapscott, who would also drive her to and from work as she never learned to drive. Her job was to touch up the large glass negatives, wrap the edges with tape for ease of handling. She used to bring some of those home to work on if needed.
I also recall being inside of the large dome getting a tour by Mr. Tapscott and the one thing struck me was how well balanced that scope is. It could be moved up and down one handed. I also recall riding up and down as the floor was motorized for the astronomer's use.
One last memory is our family was invited to watch area fireworks from the outside rail of the big dome.  We could see Fontana's and Lake Geneva's firework at the same time, also see a lot of Northern Illinois' community fireworks displays. Quite the experience!
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