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GLAS gets UN recognition

Kate Meredith and GLAS Education were recently recognized by the United Nations with making significant contributions to sonification research as a space science tool. Kate is also noted as a project coordinator with the Space Telescope Science Institute in developing Astronify, a software designed to sonify astronomical data. Entitled “Sonification: A Tool for Research, Outreach […]

GLAS’s Dark Skies LENSS project draws attention of PBS

Detroit PBS recently visited GLAS Education to report on GLAS’s work on in monitoring light pollution in the Geneva Lake area as part of a wider story on citizen science.On March 7, Greg King, a Detroit PBS producer, and Bennett Spencer, a freelance videographer, interviewed GLAS director Kate Meredith and talked with Adam McCulloch, GLAS’s […]

GLAS workshop at Berry College focuses on STEM accessibility

Smiling young woman sitting in classroom wearing a contraption on her head that consists of black earphones and two white plastic tubes, one attached to the left earphone arcing to the right and the one from the right earphone arcing left.

Teachers need ways to make science, technology, engineering and math education accessible to students with vision, hearing and learning disabilities. On Feb. 16, Kate Meredith, GLAS Education president and director of education, conducted a half-day workshop at Berry College in Rome, Ga. to help meet that need. About 20 to 25 teachers, pre-service undergraduates and […]

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