Summer Star Parties

Ziplin’ at Zenith Star Party (This Star Party Has Been Cancelled)

June 30th 7:30-10 pm

GLAS is partnering with Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventures to present a unique experience to visitors of Lake Geneva. Whether it’s ziplining or the climbing wall you will have an adventure before you stay for an evening under the stars! After sunset enjoy views of the night sky and observe deep-sky objects like galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters!

After your adventure you can stop at the PiƱa Mexican Eats Food Truck for a delicious dinner. Dinner is cash only, so please make sure you come prepared. You can check out their menu online!

Tickets to participate in the event are available on Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventure’s website. Start your night with a zipline tour or purchase your start party ticket with one hour access to the climbing wall! After your adventure, dinner and stargazing awaits! Star party tickets are also available by themselves for those who just want to enjoy dinner and the night sky!

Flyin’ Through the Cosmos

July 21st 7-10pm

Join GLAS Education and representatives from the National Space Society for a special evening exploring space travel! Hands-on activities and demos will get you in the mindset of an astronaut and learn more about modern space travel. Telescopes will also be available to observe the night sky including a bright comet!

Banner that reads "Flyin through the Cosmos" What? Join GLAS Education and representatives from the national space society for hands on activities and demos will get you in the mindset of an astronaut and learn more about modern space travel. When? July 21, 7-10pm. Where? Riviera Ballroom 812 Wrigley Dr. Lake Geneva, Wi 53147

Please consider giving to GLAS to help us continue these exciting educational events!

The Perseid Meteor Shower Cruise

August 9 & 10th 9:00-10:30pm

Take to the waters of Geneva Lake to enjoy a unique Perseid Meteor Shower experience. The Lake Geneva Cruise Line and GLAS Education are partnering to offer you a lovely summer Starlight Evening Cruise for this annual celestial event. Make a wish as you admire the meteors (popularly known as “falling stars”), learn from our Tour Guides about the constellations and their rich cultural heritage, and gaze up at the glimmering night sky over Geneva Lake as you glide along the waters in the comfort of the Cruise Line’s beautiful boats.

The Perseid Meteor Shower is an annual event caused by the Earth’s orbit passing through the debris stream from Comet Swift-Tuttle. This dust and dirt from the comet burning up in the atmosphere brings us a spectacular show of “falling stars” every August!

As with any stargazing event, the weather is very important and unpredictable. Cancellations will only occur in the case of heavy rain or stormy weather.

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