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Thanks to the support of the Angell Family Foundation and other donors, GLAS is able to develop these 3D accessible, hands-on resources for students and researchers.


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Accessibility resources in the ABLE collection are original to GLAS Education and available for public use. Resources should be shared freely and without charge. GLAS requests credit as creator in any written description of the resources in document or online.

Our ABLE Collection

All of these items were developed during the course of the ABLE Project
McCarron-Sadler Tactile Telescope
A telescope, not to look through, but to look -- or feel -- into. This cutaway telescope model is made for both sighted and blind/low vision students to explore the major internal components of a Newtonian...
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Last UpdatedMarch 27, 2024

Galaxy Cards
This module contains 52 3D printing files, a printing guide, and more information about their development and use. The subset module contains a selected 18 cards that contains the most variety in galaxies...
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Last UpdatedDecember 14, 2023

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