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Multi-Wavelength Universe!

Funded by a $3 million Department of Defense (DoD) National Defense Education Program (NDEP) award, MWU! is a national-scale follow-up curriculum to OPIS! This new curriculum, called “Astrophotography of the Multi-Wavelength Universe!” or MWU!, aims to boost the number of students who choose STEM majors.


Our Place In Space!

OPIS! is a laboratory curriculum for non-STEM majors and potential majors that engages students in telescope operations through the Skynet robotic telescope network. The OPIS! curricular sequence is built around the cosmic distance ladder, which serves as an organizing principle in most introductory astronomy courses/sequences.


Innovators Developing Accessible Tools for Astronomy

The materials in this collection were initially created through a three-year project funded by the National Science Foundation (award #1640131), IDATA. Many hands-on resources were developed to support the primary aim of IDATA, the user-centered design of the Afterglow Access software.


Astronomy Belongs to Life-long Explorers

Through the ongoing support from the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation, GLAS continues to develop and distribute hands-on materials that were initially created through other funding sources. All ABLE projects seek to develop the production pathways, products, and human resources needed to support equitable access to STEM.


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GLAS Education thanks the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation for their support in the creation of this website and many of the resources used by GLAS Education.
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GLAS Education works with institutions worldwide to develop and disseminate accessible materials for STEM education. Partnering organizations are highlighted on the Collection pages.
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