Messier Marathon 2022


Support GLAS Education at our Messier Marathon Star Party and Fundraiser! Observe messier objects through amateur telescopes, tour the Yerkes rotunda, or follow along online at GLAS’ YouTube channel.

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The Messier Marathon is a time-honored tradition among amateur astronomers during late March and early April. It is the one time every year where one can view all 110 Messier deep sky objects over the course of one full night. Galaxies, clusters, and nebulae make up this catalog, composed during the 18th century by the famous comet hunter Charles Messier. Ironically, he created this catalog as a list of objects he found that were not comets and he had no interest in observing them. Now, over 200 years later, it is still the go-to list of objects to observe in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Last year, here at GLAS, we observed 75 objects, and this year we hope to see them all! This year’s attempt will be from the South Lawn of Yerkes Observatory on April 1st or 2nd. While we commemorate historic astronomical observations, we also aim to celebrate our progress as an organization and help raise money to support our mission! 

The event kicks off with amateur astronomers and volunteers across the lawn of Yerkes pointing out some of the bright objects in the Messier catalog for attendees to view through telescopes. Anyone can also participate in the event by joining the GLAS YouTube channel where we will be streaming the live view from a telescope. People attending in person will have the opportunity to tour the rotunda, guided by legendary Yerkes Guide, Richard Dreiser.

This event is not only a star party for the public but also a fundraiser for GLAS and our mission. Participate in the spirit of the marathon by pledging a dollar amount for every Messier object we image throughout the evening.  Pledges above $1 per object will also receive a printed poster of all the Messier Objects imaged that night! To make your pledge and join us on the Messier Marathon challenge!

Proceeds from this event are essential to our ability to provide low-cost education programs to our community.  GLAS Education thanks the Yerkes Future Foundation for partnering with us for this event.

Event Details

To prevent over filling the parking lot at Yerkes Observatory we have capped attendance and will be separating guests into two time slots. You will be contacted via email to schedule when you would like to observe and tour Yerkes.

Date: April 01, 2022

Start time: 19:00 CST

End time: 21:00 CST

Venue: Yerkes Observatory


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