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Kate on the left and Ashley on the right smiling at the camera. Behind them is a chalkboard filled with mathematical equations.

The Sound of Light

GLAS director Kate Meredith and GLAS team member Ashley Wimer returned Dec. 17 from their trip to Leiden, the Netherlands, for The Audible Universe 2

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A young woman seated on a couch surrounded by 3-D printed objects of various colors.

Emily Sisco is Leaving GLAS

Emily Sisco, interim Dark Sky coordinator at GLAS Education, former Yerkes Observatory intern, long-time GLAS volunteer, 3D printing expert, and talented cook is leaving for

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Gray bearded man in purple short sleeve shirt talking to bald man in blue plaid short sleeve shirt.

NaviLens Video

Zach Meredith, a GLAS Education staff member, presented a 90-second video explaining GLAS Education’s efforts to make its office space user-friendly for the blind and

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