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Recently at GLAS Education we have been working on refining our Galaxy Dominos! The galaxy dominos are a project focused on developing tactile models of different galaxy types, with information on the galaxy color and with the spectra on the back side. We are excited to be developing these tools for blind and visually impaired students, allowing us to feel our universe.

On February 19 we held a workshop to get feedback on our models. From this feedback we are working on improving our models for blind and low vision students. From our edition last summer, we refined our developing and printing process. For our prints we wanted to find something that would be cost effective and time effective. We also needed to refine our braille by testing different braille heights, then finding a texture that is easy to read.

With feedback from the workshop, we are testing different filament colors to reduce glare on the cards for those that have low vision. Our previous model used a grey plastic, with light became difficult to read the English letterings and to see different features on the card. We have been working to increase the contrast of the lettering, with some new ideas. We have also introduced English lettering along with the braille for those that cannot read braille. Now we are starting to use Braille grade 2, which increases space on the card. We have been working to improve small details that make the galaxy dominos easier to read and use. For example, we have added a bar for orientation on our spectra side. We are excited to be improving our design to be friendlier to use.

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