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McQuown Scholars

The McQuown Scholars program has been part of GLAS Education since our founding in 2018. Before that, it was active during the Yerkes Observatory’s education program. McQuown Scholars participate in star parties, tech projects, summer camps, and astronomical research. Because of the generous financial support from the McQuown Trust in Sonoma, California, and Walworth-Fontana Rotary, the Environmental Education Foundation, and the Geneva Lake Association  over the years, GLAS Education has carried on the tradition of nested mentorship and authentic engagement in astronomical research and engineering design projects that are hallmarks of the program. 

What can you do as a McQuown Scholar?

Hands-on Observing and Research

Using the remotely operated Stone Edge Observatory (SEO) telescope, new students learn to operate the SEO telescope via the web-based app slack. Scholars learn the observational techniques needed to achieve high-quality data and images. As students build their skills, they  move to projects ranging from tracking asteroids and variable stars to the most modern image-processing techniques for creating scientific works of art.  Scholars are currently working on a Sky Survey using the SEO telescope and a variety of filters. Members of the International Astronomical Union’s Regional Office of Astronomy for Development from around the world are also involved with this project.

LENSS and the Lake  Water Quality Monitor

The Lakeshore Environmental and Night Sky Sensor project focuses on preserving the dark skies of Walworth County. Light pollution negatively affects the health of humans, plants, animals, and even boating safety on Geneva Lake. The Water Quality Monitor is focused on measuring the environmental impacts of human use of Geneva Lake. Teams of high school students designed, tested and built remote night sky sensors for LENSS and a floating lake sensor for the water quality study. Students work together to promote change and improve the quality of the lake environment and the nighttime lighting around the Geneva Lake area.

As A McQuown Scholar You Can Learn How To:




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