Lakeshore Environment and Night Sky Sensor

The ultimate goal of LENSS is to build and deploy a remotely-operable Sky Quality Meter that can take continuous measurements of how dark the skies are around Geneva Lake for the purpose of improving community engagement in the important health and safety issues associate with light pollution.

Active Sensors


The Lakeshore Environoment and Night Sky Sensor project was launched in May 2019 as one the tech projects offered by GLAS Education for high school students interested in doing something positive for our community while learning first-hand about careers in STEM.  Working with professionals in engineering, project management, coding, and design, students designed, constructed, and tested a remotely-operable sky quality meter.  Quality skies are dark skies and they benefit wildlife, human health, boating safety,  and our ability to see and study the universe from Walworth County.

Griffin Moon (Left) and Victoria Zaraza (Right) working on the sky quality meter in the GLAS workshop

Adam McCulloch from GLAS checking the sky quality sensor test.

LENSS – The special kind of Sky Quality Meter

See some of our LENSS results!

Our sensors are continuously taking data. With Python we’ve been able to plot the light freequency on a nightly basis. With this data, we hope to see a change in light pollution on a yearly basis. 

Keeping the sky dark in Walworth county for everyone to enjoy.

What can you do to help?


The first long-term field testing of a LENSS Project meter is starting now.  Two sensors will be placed at homes on the Geneva Lake shoreline on Noveber 10, 2020  The units will be monitored closely and modification to our design will be made during the winter.  Our goal is to have ten additional sensors ready to be placed by May 1, 2021 at regular intervals around the lake with an additional 10 ready for the fall.  If you are interested in hosting  LENSS on your property and are able to provide a source of power and WiFi access, then please contact GLAS.

LENSS is generously supported by:

Environmental Education Foundation

Geneva Lake Association

Walworth/Fontana Rotary

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