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Avery is a rising fourth-year student majoring in Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. She also enjoys biking and going to museums in her free time. Avery was very excited to work as a Stone Edge Observatory intern with GLAS during summer 2023. She was an eager student, learning more about data collection and telescope calibration processes, as well as GLAS’s mission.

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Shiloh is a rising second-year student at the University of Chicago, where she is planning to major in Astrophysics. She joined GLAS as an accessibility intern, where she worked with a team to make astronomy a more inclusive discipline. When not doing work during the school year, you might find her climbing at the bouldering gym, reading a Neil Gaiman novel, or losing her third consecutive game of pool.


Olivia is a rising second year student at The University of Chicago studying Astrophysics, Environmental Science, and Art History, who interned with GLAS in summer 2023. During a previous summer, she was fortunate enough to work in an environment sans light pollution. Olivia said she saw the stars which, previously, had only existed in her imagination. She was super excited to get some more hands-on research experience as a GLAS intern. Olivia was also thrilled to be working with GLAS because of our  strong accessibility mission: “Everyone should have the opportunity to be inspired!” When she’s not looking skywards (and sometimes when she is), Olivia competes for the UChicago Track Team, enjoys bananas, reads “useless things,” listens to “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” and can otherwise be found doing something she probably shouldn’t be.

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Sydney is a rising second year student at the University of Chicago planning to major in Astrophysics with a minor in Molecular Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running to the lake, and painting (mostly abstract landscapes). As a summer intern, she worked with GLAS’s Dark Skies project. She was excited to enhance her data analysis skills and making contributions to Dark Skies policy reform.


Dylan Hulke is a rising senior at Williams Bay High School. He is one of the really smart students who spends a few hours a week at GLAS Education working on the LENSS (Lakeshore Environment and Night Sky Sensor) program (part of Dark Skies). He was also a key member of the team that put together GLAS’s Geneva Lake water quality monitor. In summer 2023 he was one of two high school interns at GLAS. It should come as no surprise that Dylan is recognized at Williams Bay High School for his academic accomplishments. He has earned gold as a member of the school’s Trailways Conference Academic Bowl team and helped the team win honors in the Wisconsin State History Bowl/History Bee Championship. Thanks Dylan for your hard work at GLAS Education.

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Maire is a senior at Badger High School, Lake Geneva and one of the two really smart high school students who earned a summer 2023 internship at GLAS Education. She began visiting GLAS in 2020 during the pandemic. Maire started with coding, the LENSS project, and volunteered at star parties. She narrowed her focus to sonification and helped write a national grant for sonification research. While balancing honors and AP classes, athletics, and school clubs, she helps Kate with the Sonification World Chat, an international online collaboration of experts working on a unified data sonification system. Maire’s interests vary. She loves studying soundwaves and sonification. She also loves poetry, public speaking, art, music, and environmental science. Thanks Maire for your hard work at GLAS Education!


Sofiia Lauten is a rising second year student at University of Wisconsin – Madison and was a summer 2023 intern here at GLAS Education. She is majoring in Astrophysics and Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science.
Through fascination with the unknown and admiration of disorder, Sofiia developed a primary passion for data analysis and application. She is involved with the college amateur astronomy club and helps with star parties at UW’s Washburn Observatory.
Before coming to GLAS, she was an intern with the Williams Bay Business Association, where she started her data collection and analysis journey. She helped conduct a data-driven, community-wide survey analysis evaluating resident satisfaction and needed improvements for the village of Williams Bay. She has continued to involve herself in similar experiences and finally decided to tie her life to astronomy.
At GLAS, Sofiia was busy with sonification of various astronomical datasets. She  also helped create astronomy-related content, aided with local star parties, and reviewed astronomy related college curriculums.
In her free time, Sofiia loves oil painting, video-editing, cooking, comedy, poetry and story writing, skateboarding, and skydiving.

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Jaidyn is a 2023 graduate of The University of Chicago with a bachelor of science degree in Astrophysics. Jaidyn dreams of working for NASA, where there is a perfect blend of everything she likes: space, math and physics. Jaidyn first came to GLAS as an Astronomy Intern in Fall 2020. In the somewhat cramped confines of GLAS’s former offices, she wrote online lessons for English-speaking African students. The lessons, through Google Classroom, helped the students learn basic information about astronomy as they prepared to join the Stone Edge Observatory (SEO) program. Jaidyn returned to GLAS in 2022, where she was able to work in the far more spacious environs of GLAS’s new offices. She continued to write lesson plans for students in Africa and analyzed data from the Stone Edge Observatory.

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Daniel is a Business Economics and Psychology major at the University of Chicago. While at GLAS in 2022, he worked with the Dark Skies Office to research carbon emissions in the area. Daniel brought leadership experience to GLAS from his time leading his high school’s Asian American Student Association, which was a school-wide cultural showcase and marketing internship. He brought creativity and energy to anything worked on, including developing a GLAS video explaining the office’s NaviLens system for BVI staff and interns and conducting a lighting survey for a north Wisconsin religious retreat. In addition to working on his degrees, he spends time creating YouTube videos for his channel, catches up on the Marvel superhero movies, and is developing his first clothing line while running his own clothing resale business online.


Olivia is a Neuroscience and Psychology major at the University of Chicago. She plans to then attend law school to pursue patent law. She is a native of North Carolina, and her internship with GLAS during the summer of 2022 was her first visit to Wisconsin.  Olivia organized GLAS’s social media and kept the GLAS Facebook page current. She also worked on a coding project for a campus tech competition.

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Smiling, dark-haired young woman seated on a couch, wearing a black sweater and blue jeans, with a red pendant hanging down from a necklace.


Maire first stared visiting GLAS Education as a Badger High School, Lake Geneva, in 2020. She began visiting GLAS in 2020.  Maire started with coding, working on the LENSS project, and she volunteered for star parties. As one of GLAS’s high school interns in summer 2023, Maire narrowed her focus to sonification and helped write a national grant for sonification. While balancing honors and AP classes, athletics, and school clubs, Maire helped Kate with the Sonification World Chat, an international online collaboration of experts working on a unified data sonification system. Maire’s interests vary. She loves studying soundwaves and sonification. She also loves poetry, public speaking, art, music, and environmental science.


Charlie is an Astrophysics and Computer Science major at the University of Chicago. Interested in other languages and cultures, Charlie also studies Japanese. Charlie also has a twin brother, Carlos, who is also attending the University of Chicago. Charlie said they are often mistaken for each other. He said he looked forward to his summer 2022 GLAS internship as a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in astrophysics data collection and analysis.

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Kristin is a two-time GLAS intern. Between graduating with a B.S. in Physics from Georgia State University in December 2020 and beginning graduate school at the Department of Astronomy at Indiana University in August 2021, she first came at GLAS in the spring of 2021.She spent the majority of her internship developing a tactile Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) domino card game quickly, establishing herself as Kate’s “comparison intern.” In the summer of 2021, Kristin worked remotely from Atlanta on a two-part internship. She spent half of her time helping LENSS automate and visualize its data, and she spent the other half developing this website.


Ashanah Gayden was majoring in Anthropology at The University of Chicago when she joined us at GLAS Education in 2022 as a summer intern. During 2022, she worked with Richard Dreiser, a past tour guide at Yerkes Observatory, to assemble a book on the unique architecture of Yerkes Observatory. In addition to working on the book and learning about the history of Yerkes Observatory, she also took on other side projects and tasks that summer.

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A native of southeastern Wisconsin, Simon, as the GLAS Dark Skies Intern, worked to preserve the same dark skies he gazed up into as a child. Simon worked on a variety of projects to promote dark sky quality and to advance the dark skies movement in the Geneva Lake area. He distributed the Dark Skies Knowledge Assessment Survey (DSKAS) to communities around the lake to gauge knowledge and awareness of light pollution. He also assisted with an International Dark Skies Association application for the Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy in Williams Bay to become an internationally recognized Dark Skies location. In addition, Simon developed a science curriculum for school districts around Geneva Lake and in Walworth County that focuses on light pollution and how to control it. These helped bring further awareness of the dark skies cause to the greater Geneva Lake area.


Sophie is a student at UW-Platteville  studying mechanical engineering. She received an AAUW scholarship in the spring of 2020, which led her to an internship at GLAS Education in summer 2021. Sophie admitted she was a bit hesitant about the internship, but decided that it would be neat to learn something about astronomy. As a GLAS intern in the summer of 2021, she worked on the SDSS Plug Plate project, which is designed to make astronomy more BVI accessible. Sophie said the internship taught her new skills such as how to use CAD programs and do 3D printing. She said she had never used a CAD program until her summer internship. “Now I’m moving on feeling a lot more advanced in my modeling and design, and 3D printing skills,” she said.

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FALL 2020


In a small side room at the former GLAS Education office, Jaidyn Catherall, a University of Chicago astrophysics student, wrote online lessons for students a half world away. Jaidyn, at that time a sophomore, said the lessons through Google Classroom were to help English-speaking African students learn the basics about astronomy, such as sky orientation and the mechanics of refracting and reflecting telescopes.  The lessons assisted students preparing to join the Stone Edge Observatory (SEO) program.  SEO projects are part of the McQuown  Scholars that were first established at Yerkes Observatory.  SEO projects used a research-grade telescope in Sonoma, California. Writing astronomy lessons for students on another continent seems to be a far cry from Jaidyn’s career goals.  “My dream was always to work with NASA,” Jaidyn said. “I’ve always been interested in astrophysics and I always felt that it had the perfect blend of everything I like: space, math, and physics.”  While not trained in education, Jaidyn enjoyed the challenge of writing lessons.  “I was thinking about how I like information presented to me,” Jaidyn said. She also provided PowerPoint presentations and videos for students. 

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