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Summer 2022

Smiling young woman in glasses, purple sweater and orange T-shirt.
Ashley Wimer - Intern Supervisor

Ashley Wimer (she/they) is a rising third year Mathematics and Media Arts major at the University of Chicago who, during the school year, can frequently be found prowling around the University’s makerspace. Last summer at GLAS she worked on a variety of projects ranging from social media management to lighting ordinance modernization and data sonification conference organization. This year, Ashley is returning to GLAS to help write an NSF Grant focusing on bringing together BVI and sighted astronomers to improve astronomy accessibility through improved data sonification.

Smiling young woman in purple T-shirt.
Jaidyn Catherall - Stone Edge Observatory Intern

Jaidyn Catherall (she/her) is a rising fourth year at the University of Chicago majoring in applied math and astrophysics. Jaidyn dreams of working for NASA, where there is a perfect blend of everything she likes: space, math, and physics. Jaidyn is excited to be joining us for the second time at GLAS. In the fall of 2020, she spent her time writing lesson plans for students in Africa. This summer she will continue some of this work including using and analyzing data from the Stone Edge Observatory (SEO).

Young man smiling with tan t-shirt. Computer in the background.
Alex Scerba - LENSS Intern

Alex Scerba (he/him) is a long-time intern at GLAS and has been with the group since McQuown Scholars at Yerkes Observatory. Previously attending Wisconsin’s Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2020 for computer science, he has since transferred to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI to pursue transportation design. Even with this switch, he still enjoys working with computers and software.

On the LENSS team, he helped work on the data collection and sorting system for the project. This year, he hopes to continue the past work and focus on scalability for the project’s software systems.

Young woman sitting on the ground with leaves around in a white sweater.
Olivia Chiancone - Communications Intern

Olivia Chiancone (she/hers) is a rising second year at the University of Chicago. She plans to double major in Neuroscience and Psychology then to attend law school to pursue patent law. She enjoys to knit, even though she is very new to this. She is currently working on a coding project for a tech competition on campus taking place in late May. She is originally from North Carolina and has lived there her whole life. This will be her first visit to Wisconsin and she is very excited.

Young man in suit and tie.
Daniel Feng - Dark Skies Intern

Daniel Feng (he/him) is a rising second year at the University of Chicago majoring in Business Economics and Psychology. At GLAS, he will be working with the Dark Skies Office to research carbon emissions in the area. Daniel likes to explore new things and will bring his experiences from leading his high school’s Asian American Student Association, a school-wide cultural dance showcase, marketing internship, and creativity to anything he is working on. Currently, he is creating YouTube videos for his channel, catching up on the Marvel superhero movies, developing his first clothing line, and running his own clothing resale business online.

Young man with glasses and curly hair with a white background wearing a black t-shirt
Charlie carvajal - Stone edge Observatory Intern

Charlie Carvajal (he/him) is a rising second year at the University of Chicago, majoring in astrophysics and computer science. He’s also interested in other languages and is currently learning Japanese. Charlie also has a twin brother, Carlos, who is also attending the University of Chicago. He feels that the internship at GLAS Education will provide a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in astrophysics data collection and analysis.

Young woman in a light gray sweater with short brown hair.
Maire Lucero - Sonification Intern

Maire Lucero (she/hers) is a sophomore at Badger High School. She began visiting GLAS in 2020 during the pandemic. Maire started with coding, the LENSS project, and volunteered at Star Parties. She narrowed her focus to sonification and will help write a national grant for sonification. While balancing honors and AP classes, athletics, and school clubs, she helps Kate with the Sonification World Chat. Maire’s interests vary; she loves studying soundwaves and sonification. She also loves poetry, public speaking, art, music, and environmental science.

Summer 2021

Kristin Baker - SDSS/LENSS/Website Intern

Kristin Baker is a two-time GLAS intern. Between graduating with a B.S. in Physics from Georgia State University in December 2020 and beginning graduate school at the Department of Astronomy at Indiana University in August 2021, she began at GLAS in the spring of 2021.

She spent the majority of her internship developing a tactile Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) domino card game quickly establishing herself as Kate’s “comparison intern.” In the summer of 2021, Kristin worked remotely from Atlanta on a two-part internship. She spent half of her time helping LENSS automate and visualize their data, and she spent the other half developing this website.

Ashley Wimer - Dark skies office Intern

Ashley Wimer has her fingers in many pots. At GLAS she’s involved with the Dark Skies Office — where she primarily works to increase the office’s social media presence and to modernize lighting ordinances in the Geneva Lake area — and with Sonification World — where she’s helping organize a data sonficiation conference and preparing pre-recorded presentations to be published online. At the University of Chicago, she’s a second year math major with side interests in chemistry and graphic design, while in her spare time she’s been known to learn about trees or solve programming puzzles. Regardless of what she’s working on, she’s sure to bring creativity and an air of bubbly enthusiasm.

Simon mork - Dark skies office Intern

A native of southeast Wisconsin, Simon has a unique opportunity to work to preserve the same skies he gazed up at as a child. While working under the Dark Skies Office at GLAS, Simon has been diligently working on a variety of projects to promote the quality and notoriety of the dark skies movement in the Geneva Lake area. These include distributing the Dark Skies Knowledge Assessment Survey (DSKAS) to communities around the lake to gauge knowledge and awareness of light pollution, in addition to assisting with an IDA dark skies designation application for the Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy in Williams Bay.

Later in the summer, he plans to develop a science curriculum to present and implement in school districts around Geneva Lake and in Walworth County at-large that focuses on the what-is of light pollution and the what-now of intervention. All of these will help to bring further awareness of the dark skies cause to the greater Geneva Lake area.

Ashanah Gayden - HIstory Intern

Ashanah Gayden is a student at The University of Chicago majoring in Anthropology and Business Economics. Currently, she’s been working with Richard Dreiser, a past tour guide at Yerkes Observatory, on his upcoming book. Outside of working on the book and learning about the history of Yerkes Observatory, she also enjoys dabbling in the other side projects and tasks that are being worked on this summer.

Emily Sisco - IdATA Intern

Emily is a graduate of the University of Chicago with a BA in Astrophysics. She still continues to work with her research group, COOL-LAMPS, observing strong lensing. She first visited Williams Bay in the summer of 2016 with a trip to Yerkes and she fell in love with the area, then in 2018 became part of the last interns at Yerkes.  At GLAS, Emily has been working on the IDATA 2021 workshop, ABLE Hack Day, and is Intern Supervisor.

Patrick tarrant - SDSS Intern
sophie marsh - SDSS Intern

Fall 2020

Jaidyn Catherall - Astrophysics Intern

In a small office at GLAS Education, Jaidyn Catherall, a University of Chicago astrophysics student, writes online lessons for students a half world away.

Jaidyn, a sophomore, said the lessons through Google Classroom will help English-speaking African students learn basic information about astronomy, such as sky orientation and the mechanics of refracting and reflecting telescopes.  The lessons will assist students as they prepare to join the Stone Edge Observatory (SEO) program.  SEO projects are part of the McQuown (McQ) Scholars  that were first established at Yerkes Observatory.  SEO projects use a research grade telescope in Sonoma, California 

Writing astronomy lessons for students on another continent seems to be a far cry from Jaidyn’s career goals.  “My dream was always to work with NASA,” Jaidyn said. “I’ve always been interested in astrophysics and I always felt that it had the perfect blend of everything I like: space, math and physics.”  She holds on to a childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, but admits plans may change.

While not trained in education, Jaidyn said she enjoys the challenge of writing lessons.  “I was thinking about how I like information presented to me,” Jaidyn said. She said she provides power point presentations and video to make the lessons more accessible to students. The lessons also have web links to other sites with more information.

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