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Nine people, five young women and four men wearing summer clothes  posing in a wooded clearing on a sunny day,
GLAS interns and staff, front from left, Shiloh Miller, Sydney Simon, staff member Chris Kirby. Back row left, Olivia Boyd, Avery Metzcar, Dylan Hulke, staff members Adam McCulloch and Rowan Danou, and intern Maire Lucero. Ranger the office dog is at the bottom.

It’s June and GLAS welcomes its six summer 2023 interns.

Four interns are from the University of Chicago. Two interns are high school seniors who have earned internships through their years of dedicated and steady work at GLAS. 

Intern projects, include Dark Skies, the LENSS night sky study, the Stone Edge Observatory’s sky survey, data accessibility through sonification and the Geneva Lake Water Quality Project. “I’m just really excited about this summer,” said Kate Meredith, GLAS president and director. “I love it when the office is teeming with lots of projects.”

Earlier this spring, The UChicago provided GLAS with about 16 resumes of interested students. “We interviewed half of the people who applied. Mostly it was a matter of picking people who aligned well, people who could make a contribution to the office and people we thought we could make a contribution to their career trajectory, too,” Kate said. The two high school students will work on continuing projects and are funded through the community.

GLAS staff members Adam McCulloch and Emily Sisco reviewed the UChicago resumes and narrowed the field to eight. Kate, Emily and Adam then went to Chicago to interview eight candidates and selected the four intern finalists. “This is our first summer we’ve only had astrophysics students and it’s the only summer when we only had women, other than our high school interns,” Kate said. Selecting four astrophysics students was intentional. Having all women was serendipity, Kate said. “That was by chance, but once we saw it, we were very excited about it,” she said.

The UChicago interns are:

The high school interns are:

The interns’ first day at the GLAS office was June 5. The end of the internships is flexible, but all of the internships are usually completed by the second week of August.

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