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Summer 2023 Events

Dark colored banner for the Meteor Shower Cruise. There are stars in the background with a Lake Geneva Cruise Line boat along the bottom. The text in the top right reads "What? Join Lake Geneva Cruise Line and GLAS Education on an evening cruise for the Perseid Meteor Shower! When? August 9th and 13th, 2023 from 9-11pm. Where? Riviera Docks 812 Wrigley Dr., Lake Geneva, WI 53147"

Take to the waters of Geneva Lake to enjoy a unique Perseid Meteor Shower experience. The Lake Geneva Cruise Line and GLAS Education are partnering to offer you a lovely summer Starlight Evening Cruise for this annual celestial event. Make a wish as you admire the meteors (popularly known as “falling stars”), learn from our Tour Guides about the constellations and their rich cultural heritage through engaging and interactive activities, and gaze up at the glimmering night sky over Geneva Lake as you glide along the waters in the comfort of the Cruise Line’s beautiful boats.

The Perseid Meteor Shower is an annual event caused by the Earth’s orbit passing through the debris stream from Comet Swift-Tuttle. This dust and dirt from the comet burning up in the atmosphere brings us a spectacular show of “falling stars” every August!

As with any stargazing event, the weather is very important and unpredictable. Cancellations will only occur in the case of heavy rain or stormy weather.

Past Events

Star Party on the Lawn at
Yerkes Observatory

Spread the word! Yerkes Observatory is hosting their inaugural star party on the south lawn on March 17th. GLAS is very excited to be a participating organization in this event along with IRoc Space Radio and Milwaukee Astronomical Society!
Join us for:

🏃 Messier Marathon
🔭 Telescopes on the Lawn
🪐 Educational activities
📻 Live radio broadcast

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May be an image of ‎sky and ‎text that says '‎ YERKES OBSERVATORY Star Party on the Lawn March 17, 2023 6:30.- PM Rain or Shine No parking on site Free trolley rides from Williams Bay High School Messier Marathon Telescopes on the Lawn Educational Activities Live Radio Broadcast by IRoc Space Radio Ticketed Entry Only or scan here:‎'‎‎

GLAS’ Summer Star Parties

This year marks the fourth summer star party series that GLAS has hosted. Join GLAS for an educational and exciting experience in astronomy. Activities are suitable for people of all ages and provide a unique hands-on experience! 

** Due to the current trend of COVID-19 GLAS Star Parties are going to look a little different this year. Our staff and volunteers are taking measures to ensure these events are safe, socially-distanced and fun for your whole family! Check below for upcoming outdoor events.

GLAS Summer star parties 2022 poster. Text reads "May 15 lunar eclipse of the heart. June 30 ziplinin at zenith. July 21 flying through the cosmos. august 9 & 10 meteor shower cruise.
Into the GLASroom graphic.

Let’s stay connected during this time of social distancing. We are successfully streaming planetarium shows as a way to keep people looking up and learning about astronomy. Every week, see what’s new in the sky and explore an astronomy topic in-depth with GLAS staff and astronomers.

You can watch all of our previous episodes here or on YouTube and don’t forget to join us live every Friday night! As long as there is an advisory to stay home and be safe we will be streaming with new content every week.

You can subscribe to our YouTube page or submit the form at the top of the page to get regular updates about our programs.

Watch the Episodes

Pop Up Planetarium

Group of about 15 enthusiastic elementary school-aged boys and girls in front of inflatable planetarium in school gym.

Travel through the solar system and beyond, at any time of day or night. Planetarium shows feature interactive photos and videos.


Five young women blindfolded and with white canes walking on pathway.

IDATA is a three year project funded by the National Science Foundation to engage a group of high school age students, their teachers, professional astronomers, software engineers, and design experts in the user-centered design process of data analysis software for astronomy.

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