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Tactile 3D Waveform

A 3D waveform stencil to introduce the concept of a waveform as a way of describing electromagnetic radiation.   tags: 3D Printing, IDATA

CCD Camera Activity 3D

This is the 3D print version of the CCD camera activity. The photon cards can be 3D printed for increased durability.   tags: 3D Printing, IDATA

Prompt Style Telescope Model

This model is not an exact model of the PROMPT Telescopes, but this is a model of telescope of a similar style. This is a movable model used to describe […]

Radio Telescope

This Radio Telescope has been modified to move from this design. Printing and construction instructions are in the README.txt.   tags: 3D Printing, MWU!, OPIS!

Filter Comparison – Describing Color

This module contains 3 different sets: SDSS Prime Filter Comparison Johnson-Cousins Filter Comparison Star Spectral Types Comparison 2 different holders The filters are printed individually, allowing students to explore color […]

M1 – Crab in Color

This module contains images of the Crab Nebula in all SDSS filters and Halpha. This 3d print can be used to compare filters and describing color. Each card has braille […]

Galaxy Cards

This module contains 52 3D printing files, a printing guide, and more information about their development and use. The subset module contains a selected 18 cards that contains the most […]

JWST Stephen’s Quintet – Describing Color

This module contains 3 different prints. Use these prints for describing color. One of the first images released of JWST was Stephen’s Quintet. This module uses the initial images released […]

Filter Wheel Model

3D printing guide and model for creating filter wheel model.   tags: 3D Printing, MWU!

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