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Umbrella Sky Activities

Contains 2 different construction guides for explaining the movement of the night sky.   tags: Hands on Material, IDATA

Ribbon Electromagnetic Spectrum

This module is part of the series teaching the electromagnetic spectrum. The ribbon activity compares the relative size that each part of the spectrum takes up.   tags: Hands on […]

Prompt Style Telescope Model

This model is not an exact model of the PROMPT Telescopes, but this is a model of telescope of a similar style. This is a movable model used to describe […]

Radio Telescope

This Radio Telescope has been modified to move from this design. Printing and construction instructions are in the README.txt.   tags: 3D Printing, MWU!, OPIS!

Bad Images Examples v2

This belongs to lab 1 in the OPIS! module. This activity showcases examples of bad images from telescopes and some of their causes.   tags: Tactile Graphics, OPIS!

EM Puzzle Pieces

This module is part of the series of understanding waves. This is the 3D model modified activity of the Tactile Electromagnetic Spectrum.   tags: 3D Printing, MWU, OPIS!

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