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McCarron-Sadler Tactile Telescope

Orange and white tactile telescope. Tube is cut open to reveal 3D printed parts of an educational telescope.

A telescope, not to look through, but to look — or feel — into. This cutaway telescope model is made for both sighted and blind/low vision students to explore the […]

Umbrella Sky Activities

Contains 2 different construction guides for explaining the movement of the night sky.   tags: Hands on Material, IDATA

Seeing the Unseen

Seeing the Unseen allows students to explore a hidden object and build a replica using only touch.   tags: Hands on Materials, IDATA

Bad Images Examples v1

This module contains different bad images that can be taken be a telescope and a few examples of good images.   tags: Tactile Graphics, IDATA


Tactile image comparing HST data vs SOFIA data.   tags: Tactile Graphics, IDATA

Touch the Universe

Skynet junior scholars images for tactile pictures as part of the IDATA project.   tags: Tactile Graphics, IDATA

Tactile 3D Waveform

A 3D waveform stencil to introduce the concept of a waveform as a way of describing electromagnetic radiation.   tags: 3D Printing, IDATA

CCD Camera Activity 3D

This is the 3D print version of the CCD camera activity. The photon cards can be 3D printed for increased durability.   tags: 3D Printing, IDATA

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