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Disability Access in STEM

The GLAS Education team is dedicated to ensuring universal access to STEAM education, public outreach, and career opportunities.

Our curriculum design projects employ a comprehensive suite of approaches:

Video content to enhance accessibility & support neurodiverse learners

Alt text production

Quality tactile graphics

Two hands, the left holds a beige colored plastic square or rectangle plate, while the fingers of the right hand rub the raised section of the center of the beige piece. Raised letters and dots can be seen round the edges of the plate.

3D model designs & prints

A young woman in glasses sitting at a desk and looking at a computer screen. She has an ear phone connected from her ear to her smartphone which is resting on the desktop. The computer screen has an on-screen interface showing a list of icons and a grid with what appears to be a cloud image and a series of small blue marks on the upper half of the cloud. On the desk is a computer keyboard, memo pad, pen and a cup pen holder. Partially obscured is another computer screen with an unidentifiable image on it.

Braille translation and embossing

Specialized manipulatives, sensor, and hand-on materials

Dark-haired woman in light brown sweater leaning forward over a black-topped table with three sheets of paper with multi-colored columns on them. Her hands are resting on the sheet of paper closest to her. Also on the table are other sheets of paper, a small black and yellow box and a blue box with what appears to be a pencil sticking out.

Partners we've worked with:

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