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Daniel Dark Skies Office Intern Presentation

Two young men in shorts flanking a dark-haired woman in a short summer skirt, arms folded over blue GLAS Education T-shirts, standing in front of the entry sign to the Christine Center.

Daniel Feng is working on projects to help a local community and a spiritual retreat in northern Wisconsin to evaluate their needs for responsible lighting. Daniel is an intern working on GLAS Education’s Dark Skies Office project. Its goals are to reduce light pollution and promote healthy Dark Skies around the state. Over a weekend […]

Alex LENSS Intern Presentation

Two young men in shorts sitting at a table with laptops smiling back at the camera.

Light sensors are at the heart of GLAS Education’s efforts at dark sky education.Alex Scerba, a GLAS Education intern, is designing improvements to the sensors, increasing their durability and their weatherproofing, while reducing their size and perhaps even their cost.Alex gave an update on his design improvements during a July 13 presentation. Scerba said that […]

GLAS has won the #myprusa competition!

Young light-haired man in glasses, gray T-shirt and shorts and dark-haired woman in dark blue blouse, blue-and-white pattern dress and white sweater smiling and standing in front of wooden shelving and 3-D printers

GLAS Education will receive a free 3-D printer valued at $1,000 as one of 10 winners in Prusa Research’s 10th-anniversary contest. The winners were announced on July 8th. Prusa Research of the Czech Republic, founded by Josef Prusa, is a well-known brand of 3D printers. The machines are regarded as highly reliable and can produce […]

New and Improved Galaxy Dominoes

image of a 3D printed galaxy domino. Text around the edge reads "smooth" "elliptical" "calcium break"

Recently at GLAS Education we have been working on refining our Galaxy Dominos! The galaxy dominos are a project focused on developing tactile models of different galaxy types, with information on the galaxy color and with the spectra on the back side. We are excited to be developing these tools for blind and visually impaired […]

Dark-Sky Friendly Slopes

In today’s world, technological innovations such as those by Ultra-Tech™ Lighting can help illuminate our outdoor ski areas with minimum levels of intrusion to wildlife species. Snow presents a difficult challenge to outdoor lighting since it has a white, highly reflective surface. Not only does the spectral output of Snow-Bright™ lighting affect wildlife minimally, but […]

A Fitting Citizen Science Conjunction

The conjunction of two citizen science campaigns this February provides food for thought in our community. First, from February 3–12, comes the monthly Globe at Night project — an initiative that makes gathering sky quality and light pollution data an activity in which you can participate. The premise is simple: go out after dark, let […]

The Christmas Star Drive-In Party

Leave it to Wisconsin weather to ruin a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event. But that did not deter GLAS Education from holding a star party in Duck Creek Recreation Area, Fontana, starting 5:30 p.m. Dec. 21 to mark the closest conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in more than 800 years. A similar conjunction is also believed by […]

LENSS Deployment Event

The third time was a charm as Kate Meredith, GLAS Education president and director, launched the test run of GLAS’ first light pollution sensor on Nov 17. The event had been postponed twice, first due to COVID and then due to foul weather. The sensor was built by students, interns and staff of GLAS Education […]

Clear Skies for the Equinox

Fall weather for the Equinox Star Party on Sept 25 at Lake Geneva’s Library Park was near perfect. The air was warm and a steady lake breeze kept the mosquitoes at bay. The sky was free of clouds and, although urban glare over Geneva Lake blotted out some of the stars, the moon, Jupiter and […]

Perseids Star Party a Hit!

More than 100 visitors from the Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee areas showed up for the “Perseid Meteor Shower” Star Party at White River County Park near Lake Geneva from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. Aug. 12. Nine students and volunteers from GLAS Education set up a meteor viewing area in the park along the banks of […]

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