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Kyle Cudworth

Dr. Kyle Cudworth, a retired Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago and former Director of Yerkes Observatory, keeps GLAS on a strong scientific footing and helps GLAS forge new connections in the astronomical community. Having lived in Williams Bay for more than forty years, Kyle is ingrained in the community and has been an active contributor to GLAS Education since the very beginning. Kyle is always there with welcome advice, a quick explanation of binary star system dynamics and occasionally shows up with a jigsaw puzzle in an hour of need.

Frances Dellutri

As Director of Education for the National Space Society and having years of experience as a science educator, Frances Dellutri is a natural fit for the board of GLAS Education. Frances has been an avid educator through Yerkes Observatory and GLAS since 2002 and presented space-related workshops to teachers and at camps for students from 5 to 15 years, and has engaged in space education outreach for all ages. Frances has partnered with GLAS on multiple local star parties and her ties to the area go back to volunteering and working on projects at Yerkes Observatory. Frances and husband Dale are involved in amateur astronomy and live in Libertyville, IL. She enjoys playing her harp as a contribution at various charitable events.
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A smiling, older man in glasses with thinning hair seated at a table between two younger people holding up two drawings.

Larry Happ

With 20 patents to his credit and more than 45 years experience in direct product development, Larry Happ is now extending his love of challenges and engineering to serve on the GLAS Board. After living and working in Illinois, he has returned to his roots in the Geneva Lake area and has graciously drawn on his expertise to mentor students in GLAS’s engineering and design projects. It was Larry’s connection to Acme Design that prompted the creation of 3D molds of the architectural images and friezes found in the Yerkes Observatory rotunda and on the entrance columns. These molds were invaluable in providing blind and low vision students with aids to enhance their observatory experience, and they will continue to be accessible aids in understanding the history of Yerkes.

Tim Fahlberg

It is difficult to find a picture of Tim Fahlberg where he is not surrounded by students. He has been a teacher at the Wisconsin School for the Blind for eight years. For nearly ten years, Yerkes Education Outreach relied on Tim’s dedication as a teacher of the blind and visually impaired with a focus in science and math. He is a great advocate for his students and has contributed his time and talent to two National Science Foundation grants awarded to Yerkes Education Outreach, now GLAS. Tim is a creative thinker when it comes to applying the latest technology to help people with visual disabilities overcome barriers, and was instrumental in GLAS’s adoption of the NaviLens system to assist blind and visually impaired students and visitors navigate the GLAS offices during the summer 2022 intern program.
Older, bald-headed man in glasses smiling.
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Christy Albrecht

When Christy joined the GLAS Education Staff, it was more a homecoming than a hire. Christy, daughter of Yerkes astronomer Kyle Cudworth, grew up on the grounds of Yerkes Observatory. She graduated from UW Madison in May 2018 and was about to become Kate Meredith’s first full-time hire for Yerkes Education Outreach when the observatory closed in October 2018. Life next took her on an adventure that included relocating to Chicago, marriage, and a year in California. Family and friends were thrilled to welcome her back to the area in June 2020. She barely unpacked before she was planning star parties and writing grants. Christy took on office manager’s responsibilities and helped GLAS step confidently into the future. She now works primarily from home with the new job title of “Mom”, caring for her infant daughter, Ruth.
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