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Emily Sisco is Leaving GLAS

A young woman seated on a couch surrounded by 3-D printed objects of various colors.

Emily Sisco, interim Dark Sky coordinator at GLAS Education, former Yerkes Observatory intern, long-time GLAS volunteer, 3D printing expert, and talented cook is leaving for the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she will be a Ph.D. candidate in German.Asked how she felt about Emily’s departure, Kate Meredith, president and director of GLAS, replied: “Weepingly sad.” […]

Chelsea Cook Helps GLAS with Accessibility Projects

Young brown-haired woman in green sleeveless blouse and blue slacks and young man in backwards baseball cap, brightly-colored Hawaiian shirt and white shorts stand in front of steel plug plate used to demonstrate astronomical distances and redshift to blind and visually impaired.

Chelsea Cook holds the title of solution engineer in the state of Colorado’s Office of Information Technology. Now living in Denver, she’s worked on the state’s accessible website for the blind and visually impaired. Soon, she will be a liaison to the state’s various departments as they develop their own accessible websites. Chelsea said Colorado […]

NaviLens Video

Gray bearded man in purple short sleeve shirt talking to bald man in blue plaid short sleeve shirt.

Zach Meredith, a GLAS Education staff member, presented a 90-second video explaining GLAS Education’s efforts to make its office space user-friendly for the blind and visually impaired during a July 26 presentation. Zach did most of the filming and handled the editing and sound. Interns Daniel Feng and Alex Scerba also assisted with the video. […]

Midwest Space Grant Conference July 25-26th

Two smiling women, one with red hair and blue and white dress and the other dark-haired in glasses wearing a blue-and-white print cress and green sweater seated at a restaurant table with stemmed glasses of water and wine.

GLAS Education director and CEO Kate Meredith and GLAS marketing director Katie Corbett led two workshops on making science accessible to everyone during the Midwest Regional Space Grant Consortium Conference at the Wingspread Retreat and Executive Conference Center in Racine on July 25-26. The Midwest consortium conference included consortium directors from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, […]

Zach SDSS Plug Plate Presentation

Young man in backwards baseball cap, dark blue T-shirt and red shorts talking to dark-haired woman wearing glasses, a red dress and white sweater near an astronomical plug plate plug plate exhibit.

Three years ago, Zach Meredith, then an intern at GLAS Education, was part of the team that started the plug plate project funded by a grant from the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium. The plug plate project is pretty straightforward. Find a way to use sonification to give the blind and visually impaired an idea of the […]

Ashley Sonification Intern Presentation

Young brown-haired woman in glasses and white blouse explaining terms written on a whiteboard.

Ashley Wimer of GLAS Education is deep diving into the grant process for research into sonification. “The search is on now to find which funding programs are available,” she said. “Sonification is the process of taking visual data and turning it into sound,” Ashley said during a presentation at GLAS Education on July 20. GLAS […]

Daniel Dark Skies Office Intern Presentation

Two young men in shorts flanking a dark-haired woman in a short summer skirt, arms folded over blue GLAS Education T-shirts, standing in front of the entry sign to the Christine Center.

Daniel Feng is working on projects to help a local community and a spiritual retreat in northern Wisconsin to evaluate their needs for responsible lighting. Daniel is an intern working on GLAS Education’s Dark Skies Office project. Its goals are to reduce light pollution and promote healthy Dark Skies around the state. Over a weekend […]

Alex LENSS Intern Presentation

Two young men in shorts sitting at a table with laptops smiling back at the camera.

Light sensors are at the heart of GLAS Education’s efforts at dark sky education.Alex Scerba, a GLAS Education intern, is designing improvements to the sensors, increasing their durability and their weatherproofing, while reducing their size and perhaps even their cost.Alex gave an update on his design improvements during a July 13 presentation. Scerba said that […]

Jaidyn and Charlie SEAS Intern Presentation

Young dark-haired woman smiling in dark T-shirt and shorts and young light-haired man in glasses, green T-shirt and shorts sitting at table with computers.

Charlie Carvajal and Jaidyn Catherall, interns at GLAS Education, are working with the Stone Edge Observatory (SEO) as part of the Stone Edge All-Sky Survey, or SEAS Survey. The SEAS Survey is building a sky map, establishing an astronomical database, and performing analyses of asteroids, comets, stellar motion, and supernovas. Jaidyn and Charlie are taking […]

GLAS has won the #myprusa competition!

Young light-haired man in glasses, gray T-shirt and shorts and dark-haired woman in dark blue blouse, blue-and-white pattern dress and white sweater smiling and standing in front of wooden shelving and 3-D printers

GLAS Education will receive a free 3-D printer valued at $1,000 as one of 10 winners in Prusa Research’s 10th-anniversary contest. The winners were announced on July 8th. Prusa Research of the Czech Republic, founded by Josef Prusa, is a well-known brand of 3D printers. The machines are regarded as highly reliable and can produce […]

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