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From the cosmos to classrooms in Pakistan

A smiling young woman with dark hair wearing glasses and a red sweater holding a round shoulder patch featuring an astronaut, the Earth, a rocket, the Moon and a star field with the words Per Aspera Ad Astra across the top arc and Exploration Cosmos to Classroom along the bottom arc.

WILLIAMS BAY — Yumna Majeed of Pakistan is an aspiring astronaut and an active space educator. When she was young, she dreamed of traveling in space. She also wanted to […]

Cleaning up clutter for sharper cosmic images

Young woman with dark hair, wearing a dark top and blue jeans holding a laptop with a jumble of stickers on the cover, standing to the left of a screen projection entitled "Source Extraction Issues," with a series of six astronomical images showing a bright light source slowly being reduced in steps by a light reduction program.

GLAS Intern Avery Metzcar, a University of Chicago astrophysics major, spent her entire summer internship following in the footsteps of Hubble research astronomer Dr. Amanda Pagul. Her goal was to […]

Putting sound to the rhythm of light

Period folding is a process for tracking and graphing the light curve of a variable star. It can be a difficult concept to grasp for sighted students and researchers. For […]

Monitoring Geneva Lake water quality

Two young men in short pants giving a presentation and standing next to two stools on which rests a device which consists of two white hemispheres which contain electronics. In the back ground is a television screen with the words Water Quality Sensor and photograph of a bouy on blue water.

GLAS Education is experimenting with a water quality monitor anchored  in eight feet of water off the shore of Williams Bay. GLAS intern Dylan Hulke and McQuown Scholar Teddy Lampert […]

Measuring photons using photographs

Five people, three young women and two young men, around a table in a large room with a television screen in the right background. Sitting to the far left is a young woman with brown hair wearing in a light-colored blouse. Behind her is standing a young woman with her brown hair pulled back. She is wearing a light red jacket over a dark purple shirt and blue jeans. Standing to her right is a young woman with dark brown hair flowing over her shoulders, wearing a black dress, her hands elevated as she talks. In the foreground are two young men facing away from the camera. A graphic is projected on the television screen.

Imagine simply scanning a photograph with an app to determine whether a light or light fixture is dark skies friendly.GLAS interns Sydney Simon and Olivia Boyd are working toward that.“We’re […]

Music of the pulsars

GLAS Education Interns Maire Lucero and Sofiia Lauten were in need of a summer project. Given a chance to sonify pulsars, they thought, “why not?” and dived right in. “I […]

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