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New and Improved Galaxy Dominoes

image of a 3D printed galaxy domino. Text around the edge reads "smooth" "elliptical" "calcium break"

Recently at GLAS Education we have been working on refining our Galaxy Dominos! The galaxy dominos are a project focused on developing tactile models of different galaxy types, with information on the galaxy color and with the spectra on the back side. We are excited to be developing these tools for blind and visually impaired […]


This week, in Cape Town, South Africa, GLAS Education will be honored by the largest astronomy organization in the world, International Astronomical Union (IAU), with the designation as a Regional Astronomy Office of Development or ROAD. The planned signing ceremony will mark the end of a ten-month approval process.

Cape Town Update

Highlights from January 31, at Science 4 Development meeting in Cape Town South Africa. Soapbox Science has been part of science outreach in Chicago. We found an economist, Tawanda from South Africa, to hang out with Deb and one of my personal heroes for the day, Vukosi, who spoke very honestly about the need for […]

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